About the Artist

Thanks for checking out my site, I’m glad you’re here!


My name is Kelly Williams and growing up I was completely horse crazy.  It’s fitting that I got my start as a custom goldsmith due to a chance encounter with a famous local artist while I was out trail riding. That artist helped me get my first apprenticeship as a goldsmith in 1995.  After that, I began putting myself through some of the best trade schools in the country as well as earning a degree in fine art.  If there is one thing that I am more passionate about than horses, it’s quality tools and craftsmanship.  The process of jewelry making has seen some big and exciting changes in the last 20 years and I have enjoyed how they have revolutionized the way I do business.  I’m using techniques in my studio that have been in use for thousands of years, as well as some of the most cutting edge technology like 3D printers and laser welders.  Combining old and new techniques has allowed my to take my art form to a whole new level and create things that weren’t possible before.  I can create anything you can imagine and offer you a completely interactive experience.  We can design pieces together and you get to be a part of the process every step of the way.

I am a volunteer on the board of the Twin Cities chapter of the Women’s Jeweler’s Association and I teach at jewelry industry events and workshops.  When I’m not making jewelry or scouring the gem show for fabulous finds, I work as a barefoot hoof trimmer and my “spare time” is spent riding my mustang, Blue Moon.